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Unable to install packages that depend on 4.14.81-1 kernel on 0.3.3 b251 firmware

  • I'm trying to install iptables-mod-ipopt and kmod-ipt-ipopt.

    I did oupgrade and opkg update before running opkg install iptables-mod-ipopt kmod-ipt-ipopt and got:

    Installing iptables-mod-ipopt (1.6.2-1) to root...
    Downloading http://repo.onioniot.com/omega2/packages/core/iptables-mod-ipopt_1.6.2-1_mipsel_24kc.ipk
    Collected errors:
     * satisfy_dependencies_for: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for iptables-mod-ipopt:
     * 	kernel (= 4.14.81-1-d38bb0cccb6c2f5c91562ebf1fb26fa2) * 
     * opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package iptables-mod-ipopt.

    I'm running an Omega2 LTE

    • Firmware version 0.3.3 b251
    • Linux version 4.14.81 (root@d7d1d9c1ebc3) (gcc version 7.3.0 (OpenWrt GCC 7.3.0 r0+7490-bddedc4e25)) #0 Fri Jun 4 20:35:27 2021

    Any help will be appreciated!

  • I used opkg install --force-depends to make it install in the absence of an official fix for now as I figured the slight difference in actual vs required kernel versions won't affect this module. Would be nice to get an official fix for it.

  • @jasoneer For some reason I missed this question, but as a general rule force-depends is a good place to start but won't always work.

  • administrators

    @jasoneer Try again using the very latest build (b253).

    It looks like the kernel checksum changed when we released b253:


    (screenshots from http://repo.onioniot.com/omega2/packages/core/ and http://repo.onioniot.com/omega2/images/)

    More info on openwrt kernel checksums here.

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