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Adding to ash

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    @Rudy-Trujillo Unfortunately, it cannot be added like a package, we would have to enable it in the firmware.

    Want me to add it in?

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    @Rudy-Trujillo It involves setting up an OpenWRT buildroot, you can follow the instructions in this thread: https://community.onion.io/topic/51/openwrt-tool-chain-on-windows-for-omega

    After the buildroot is setup, to enable the whois command:

    • run make menuconfig
    • traverse the menus:
      • Base System -> busybox -> Networking utilities -> enable the whois command
    • compile the buildroot again
    • install the new firmware

    Note that this firmware will be missing much of the Onion customization.

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  • @Rudy-Trujillo I think that what @Lazar-Demin is saying is that if you use the instructions in the reference he gave (and in https://wiki.onion.io/Tutorials/Cross-Compile), the image you will be building is just a generic OpenWrt image that lacks some of the Omega customisations. This is because as yet there is no publicly accessible git repository for the Omega (only the generic OpwnWrt 15.05 one : git://git.openwrt.org/15.05/openwrt.git). It is my understanding that the Omega people will be making an Omega customised version as soon as they are able to.

    It may just be possible to incorporate whois in to your system doing the following:

    • Follow @Lazar-Demin 's instructions above to include whois in busybox
    • Build just busybox using the command:
      • make package/busybox/compile
    • Copy the build busybox package from your openwrt directory - it will be at: ./bin/busybox_1.23.2-1_ar71xx.ipk - to somewhere on our Omega
    • On your Omega, install the busybox package using opkg install busybox_1.23.2-1_ar71xx.ipk - you may need to remove your existing busybox package first.

    While I have not done this for busybox, I have done a similar procedure on other packages to add new or changed packages to my Omega.

    Possible issues you may need to account for:

    • Since busybox is an integral part of the system, you may not be able to replace your existing busybox using the above process.
    • It is possible that the busybox you build and install may be lacking some of the features currently in the official Omega version
    • Even if all of the above is OK, your own busybox version will get replaced after you next do an oupgrade and you will need to repeat the installation of your own version

    I would highly recommend awaiting any further feedback from the Omega people on possible issues with this before proceeding with it.

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    @Rudy-Trujillo yep, @Kit-Bishop 's response is correct. To avoid any headaches, I'll just include it in the Omega firmware. I'll let you know when it's ready to download!

    EDIT: Ok, b275 will have the whois command built in! Enjoy!

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