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Omega2S+ RNDIS LTE modem setup

  • I'm trying to get an RNDIS modem working on the Omega2S+

    I would use a omega2-lte, but I can't find one with the 25EG modules in stock and don't want to order the MOQ for a production run.
    Is there any guidance on getting an LTE modem (an EG25G via USB) working?

  • @tonySP Since no one has chimed in on this, I'll share what I know.

    I have a Huawei E8372 USB Dongle, branded Telstra here in Oz. The device supports 4G LTE and I have been able to use it on a VPN. I think it is discontinued by Huawei but Telstra still sells it here in Oz. There is an article on one of the OpenWrt forums that describes how to setup RNDIS using this device.


    Not exactly what you asked but perhaps helpful.

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