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Add SD Flash Storage to Omega2s

  • With the Omega2+ becoming un-findable (at least right now) I'm considering moving to the 2s IF I can add an SD card to it. Based on visual review of the 2+, it does not look like a major project, but I cannot find any information or schematics on how to make the connections. (It could be my search-fu is weak.)
    Can anyone direct me to any insight on doing this ?
    Thanks !

  • @Jim-W The reference schematic includes the SD Card, you can find it here:


    Omega2 is still available at DigiKey if you can manage with the reduced capacity.

  • administrators

    Without making any promises, our distributors should be restocked with more Omega2+ within a few weeks šŸ™‚

  • @crispyoz Thank you for the link to the schematics !
    Unfortunately, I need additional storage so straight 2's won't work for this application.

  • @Lazar-Demin No promises expected.
    But, can you put a no obligation bound on a 'few weeks' ?
    If we are talking 2,3 or 4, I can wait. If we are talking 6, 8, or more I'll need to migrate my design to the SP. (FWIW, Mouser for example, projects 2+ stock in late April.)
    Perhaps you could advise - for go forward, should we perhaps be migrating to the SP devices anyway ?

  • administrators

    @Jim-W I would expect the O2P to be available in the first weeks of the new year. However, this is all dependent on many things outside of our control.

    On O2P vs O2SP:
    It really depends on your situation. In general, we recommend using the S models for anything that's being produced in larger quantities.
    But it's also valid to continue with the O2P. We do have customers who produce 1000s of devices at a time using the O2P.

    • A major benefit of the O2P is that it's more plug and play - SD slot and WiFi antenna are already on the device
    • A few benefits of the O2SP:
      • Way more GPIOs and an additional UART exposed
      • Generally our distributors have more inventory of this part than others

    Hopefully that helps, let me know if there's anything specific I can weigh in on

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