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Previous firmware restore

  • Hi - we are running an Omega Pro 2S+ and have experienced some recent performance issues. How do I go about restoring the firmware/openwrt to what it was 4 months ago (for example)?

    Thanks, S

  • @sks14 You can't specifically go back 4 months, you can do a factory reset by following the instructions here:


    Or you can load a specific version by downloading is from here:


    And following the instructions here:


  • @crispyoz Thanks for that

    We have had an interesting change that we thought we needed the firmware restore for (not needed now):

    1. We are setting up the Omega2S+ Pro and switching to AP mode after set-up. Board works fine with minimal latency/jitter issues for months
    2. Recently (past 2 weeks), network/latency issues getting really bad (particularly in different physical location to where the board was set-up i.e. the board is not in set-up network range)
    3. Changed to AP-STA mode in the new setting and the network issues resolved - in both the new and the old location

    Any ideas as to the cause or next steps? Does the system get to a certain time point and want to update even in AP mode? Our understanding was that the board in AP mode will essentially be 'frozen' in the current state but perhaps we are wrong?

  • @sks14 can you post your wifi config file illustrating what changed you have made. My guess is that the device is scanning for wireless networks as this is resource intensive.

  • @crispyoz Sure (below) - is there anything we can do to stop the scanning?


  • @sks14 I'm just assuming this may be the cause, however the next step would be to run the top command when the system is going into slo-mo mode so as to confirm it is not some other process causing the issue.

    The Omega2 wifi uses the Warp Core which is an Onion proprietary closed source driver developed to resolve some issues with the standard wifi driver. The limitation of this driver is that you an not disable STA without also disabling AP. The standard OpenWrt driver is very stable these days so if you determine the issue is with the wifi system, you may prefer to move to the standard OpenWrt wifi driver.

  • @crispyoz said in Previous firmware restore:

    Onion proprietary closed source driver

    Got it. Assuming I can install a new driver using:

    opkg install kmod-wireless-<driver-name>

    Will the Warp Core driver need to be removed using:

    opkg remove kmod-wireless-<driver-name>

    or will a simple 'unload' do: modprobe -r <driver-name>


  • @sks14 To be honest I have never tried uninstalling warp core and then installing a new wifi driver and associated files. I use the build system to build my custom firmware and make my selections there.

  • @crispyoz Thanks for that

    On further review of the wifi config file the 'config wifi-device' section sets the hwmode to 11g and channel to auto - could this be causing packet handling issues? Do you know where to find the various options for the config file? Thanks

  • @sks14 docs are here https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/wifi/basic channel noise can certainly cause issues however you need to pinpoint the specific cause.

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