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Omega2S and PCB issues

  • Hello,

    I'm doing a small product using Omega2S. So during the PCB layout the Omega2S is taking up a large space on my small board, so im wondering when Omega2S surface mount module is placed on a PCB, can I route vias from my own circuit under the omega2S, or will doing that lead to shorts with the Omega2S, or cause other problems.


  • You can add as many vias as you want under the Omega2.
    Just avoid placing via on bottom pads, which are used for GND.

    An example open-source PCB design is available on pcbcrew-org/omega2-4g-gateway.
    It is prototyped and tested in the field by PCBCrew prototyping service.

  • @DumTux wont the vias from Omega2S at the bottom short with the vias from my circuit if i run my routes under the omega2S? Omega2S has a million vias under there., one of them is bound to touch mine.

  • @nsmith We hide a truckload of via under the Omega2S+ on all of our small custom boards. Early on I had some issues when I used too much solder paste and it causes some shorts if my reflow profile was not correct.

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