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Custom Image for onion omega2S+ with python3 installed and pip3 modules and extra files

  • Hi,
    We are trying to deploy a number of Onion Omega 2S+ devices out to the field
    We'd like to make the setup process as streamlined as possible. We need:
    -Bundled Python 3, with some python pip modules
    -Custom scripts configured to start on boot
    -And some extra python files

    At the moment this is configurable manually by installing python and creating some init files to start the scripts custom scripts on boot. Ideally though we'd be able to just replicate it on other Onion devices without having to do loads of manual setting up.

    ive done backing up one device using 'sysupgrade -b backup.tar.gz' and using 'sysupgrade -r backup.tar.gz' to another device i managed to load files but not packages such as python3 or pip3 modules,
    Please help.


  • @lorenzooo The correct method is to build your own version of the firmware and include the required packages and configurations. An alternate approached used by some is to setup one unit with all your apps and configuration in place, then replicate the device using dd command. Check the FAQ here

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    @lorenzooo I assume when you say python pip modules they're installed with pip and not as python3-* packages using opkg? If that's the case, I agree with @crispyoz, the cloning firmware method is the best way to go here.

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