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[Solved] Omega storage full

  • If someone could help me find a solution that would be great.

    For some unknown reason, the storage is completely full on my Omega. I've only installed nodejs a few days ago and I don't believe it to be an issue, since this has only come up today. I was wondering how we go about wiping everything that's unnecessary.

    It seems like factory reset doesn't really do anything to help.

    I'm on the latest firmware - 0.0.6 b275.

  • @Evan-Cooper Difficult to give any definitive answer to your issue.
    The Omega standardly has only 16MB of disk space (though you can increase this with a USB memory stick - see https://wiki.onion.io/Tutorials/Using-USB-Storage and https://wiki.onion.io/Tutorials/Using-USB-Storage-as-Rootfs - I do this with a 32GB USB device)

    Things that can end up consuming the disk space are:

    • Installing too many packages using opkg - note that you can remove any packages you don't need using opkg remove <package-name>
    • Any frequently/continuously run program that writes and appends to a log file etc.
    • Any additional files you have copied to your Omega

    Useful commands to help track down what is using disk space:

    • df - gives a summary of free and used space on mounted devices
    • du -a -h <directory-name> gives a list of the space used by all files and directories within the given <directory-name>

  • Thanks @Kit-Bishop for the quick reply and the helpful hints.
    Uninstalling and re-installing nodejs seemed to fix the issue - I had done this before but this time was different for some reason.


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