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Small bug in oled-exp

  • To Omega people:

    There is a small bug in the current oled-exp code.

    When one runs the command:

    • oled-exp -c write abcd

    The command runs as expected but one gets the output:

    • > Clearing display
      > Writing 'abcd' to display
      > Unrecognized command 'write'

    I believe the problem is that in main-oled-exp.c, the lines:

    • if (strcmp(command, "write") == 0 ) {
      status = oledWrite(param);
      if (strcmp(command, "writeByte") == 0 ) {
      // parse the byte

    should read:

    • if (strcmp(command, "write") == 0 ) {
      status = oledWrite(param);
      } else if (strcmp(command, "writeByte") == 0 ) {
      // parse the byte

  • administrators

    good eye!
    it's fixed, i'll post an update when the fix makes it to a firmware build.

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