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Update to 007 after update to 006 will not work

  • I have just updated from 005 and it only updated to 006. So tried running oupgrade again and I keep getting "Could not connect to Onion Firmware server -------etc etc.

    I looked at script oupgrade and can see it uses a different server. I tried to connect my PC browser to that site and is comes back with a security block due to the SSL certificate expiring yesterday. So I bypass that and I then cannot connect as it says it needs a handshake.

    My wifi is up and I can ping sites ok from Omega terminal session.

    If I look at the old oupgrade file and go to that location I can see all the versions.

    I have 3 omega's and have updated 2 to 0.0.6.b266 and other is still on 0.0.5

    ? why did it not update to 0.0.7 from 0.0.5 has 0.0.7 been taken down?

    thanks Tony

  • administrators

    @Anthony-Wakefield we were having some SSL issues with the Firmware Site, but we fixed it yesterday.

    Please try again and let me know how it goes.

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