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Cant find my onion

  • I havent really used my onion since i got it. I switched from python to node and now that it supports node i was gonna start hacking. The problem is i can get my onion to show up on my computers wifi or using the terminal. I wait for it to boot up, and the amber light comes on but i cant see it in my wifi connection.

  • @Joshua-Cataldi
    I also had an issue with the wifi in the past. Solution was to wait long enough, I think about 5mins, for the AP to become active again.

    Or press the reset button >10secs for a complete reset

    I have not seen this issue anymore in more recent firmwares, maybe I didn't create that situation again. Anyway, I would suggest to upgrade the firmware to the latest

  • administrators

    @Joshua-Cataldi if your Omega is setup to connect to a WiFi network that is currently not available, the Omega's own WiFi access point will not work either!

    You should still be able to connect through the Serial Terminal via USB: https://wiki.onion.io/Tutorials/Connecting-to-Omega-via-Serial-Terminal

    If all else fails, then yes, you can do a factory restore.

  • The problem with the serial is I am on el captain and it doesn't seem to work with it

  • Actually I just found out there is a reset button on the mini dock. I set it up using a public wifi at starbucks. And that is the issue

  • Just as feedback if the omega is not visible in the wifi network. Today i made a test with my router who has openWRT installed.
    I was putting my router from auto back to chanel 13. Omega was not visible. Chanel 12 still not works.
    From Chanel 11 on I could see the Omega in my wifi again.

  • I did it I got it to boot up but I can't get it to update one step closer.

  • @Joshua-Cataldi said:

    The problem with the serial is I am on el captain and it doesn't seem to work with it

    Howdy Josh,

    I've had one of my onions play up on my desk, while the other 2 were fine with the office wifi.

    A serial connection is the way to go and a tip is when you first connect on the COM port (make sure the baud speed is 115200) is to bash a couple of keys in the terminal until you see the message "press enter to start...", then hit enter and tada! Other wise it just stays as a blank screen šŸ˜•

    After that run "wifisetup" and follow the instructions.

    Hope that helps Joshua,


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