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Are all the expansions stackable and whats the communication protocol ?

  • Suppose i want to use Expansion Dock + GPS + Relay + Servo + OLED will this work in one go
    I did read about 2 x 8 relay boards working together = 16 devices to control

    Whats the communication protocol between Omega and these expansion docks and which pins are used by them ?

    I2C , SPI ???

  • @Sanket-Sonavane The Expansion Dock is what the Omega and the other expansion boards plug in to.
    In general, the other expansion boards are all stackable -plugged on top of each other on the Expansion dock, though the OLED has to be last since it is not possible to plug another expansion in to it since it would otherwise block the display.
    The Relay, Servo and OLED expansions all communicate using I2C on pins 20 and 21 - each has a different I2C address.
    I don't know about the GPS expansion - it is stackable but I don't know what communication protocol it uses.

  • Thanks a lot for the detailed explaination šŸ‘

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    Yep, @Kit-Bishop is correct!

    One addendum about the GPS Expansion, it is actually USB based, so it can be used with the Expansion Dock, Mini Dock, and Arduino Dock.

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