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  • This seems as good a place as any to ask: are there plans to integrate the Onion Cloud with IFTTT?

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    @Jeff-Verive Yep šŸ™‚
    Once our documentation is out, we will be working with IFTTT to create an Omega channel. And we'll have some other ways of integrating before the Omega channel is up.

    Stay tuned!!

  • I've recently been looking at different ways of using my Omega and Pi's.

    I've come across Cayenne which uses an agent on a Pi to control it, similar to Onion Cloud without as much granularity.

    Also Initial State which looks pretty cool, its a way of recording data from sensors primarily but you can store other datapoints too. So a temp sensor or humidiy sensor, you can stream values to a REST API. Looks promising although there is a free and paid model, the free level could be limiting.

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