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Shipping Status

  • I received 4 items today from my $65 Kickstarter pledge: Omega, Mini Dock (broken), Ethernet Expansion and OLED Expansion. Two additional items (Bluetooth and Battery expansion items) I believe will be included in a separate shipment if I'm reading the updates correctly, however, the Expansion Dock was not included. From what I can tell from the announcements and other backers comments, this should've been included in the shipment. If I'm incorrect, please let me know. If I am correct, how can I get this resolved? At this time I'm unable to use the Omega since the Mini Dock that was received has a broken power switch and I haven't been successful in moving it into the "on" position with a needle (as suggested from another forum). I would appreciate any direction you can provide. Thanks! ~Tony DeLaGrange

  • Hi Tony,

    maybe you ordered the battery dock? That is one item, and if you did not additionally ordered a "normal" dock, than this is correct although it's too bad for you. 😞

    In addition I have another short question:
    I'm missing the GPS and battery. If the GPS is finished before the GPS (and that's what I expect), will they be shipped separately or together as soon as the battery dock is ready?
    Somehow I can understand the following sentence from the linked page differently:

    If your order includes any of the items listed below OLED in the table below, we will be splitting your order into 2 shipments so we can send you whatever we have ready ASAP.  

    And I'm really looking forward to the GPS. 😇
    But please don't get me wrong… I don't want to blame anybody or anything else… I'm just curios. 😉


  • Hi Frank, thanks for your response. According to the Kickstarter site for the $65 level, I should receive an Omega, an Expansion Dock, and 4 additional items, in addition to the mini dock due to reaching the stretch goal. That's a total of 7 items, unless I'm missing something.


  • @Tony-DeLaGrange Hi Tony, in addition to the BLE and Battery Dock, we still need to send you your GPS Expansion. That's the missing piece. So in total you will receive Omega + Battery Dock, plus 4 expansions (BLE, OLED, Ethernet, and GPS), and also a Mini Dock for the stretch goal.

    So now, let's see if we can figure out a way to get your Mini Dock to turn on. Do you happen to have a soldering iron at home?

  • Hello Boken,

    I received the first part of my order today, knowing some of the expansion docks would be coming in the second shipment. Earlier in the campaign, (April 27th) I had added $30 for a second OLED and Relay expansion board to my pledge.

    In the package I received today, there is only one of each of the OLED and Relay Expansion. Can you please check your records? It may be simplest to put these with my second order as they come from overseas.

    Thank you,


  • Hi @Pierre-Vella-Zarb, I just realized that you've also sent me a message on Kickstarter. I have checked your records, and you have indeed ordered two of OLED and Relay, which we did not put into your first shipment. We will be sending in the OLED Expansion and Relay Expansion with your second shipment.

    I'm sorry about the confusion! Please let us know if you have any other questions.

  • @Boken-Lin
    I've replied in KS
    Thank you

  • Thanks Boken, I forgot that I swapped the expansion dock for the battery expansion dock. I do have a soldering iron, but its a cheap one and the tip is not very fine. What did you have in mind? Soldering two connectors to make it permanently "on"?

  • @Tony-DeLaGrange Yeah, what I was thinking of is shown below, using a piece of solder to bridge the gap between the two pins:


  • When I put in my email it says "email not found"

  • @Mark-Harris Hi Mark, are you the Mark Harris who ordered the Omega on Kickstarter? If that's the case, you might have entered a wrong email address on ks.onion.io. You just need to copy the email address you have on file on Kickstarter. The order was shipped out on November 5th, so you should be receiving it in the next couple of weeks.

  • Ah, I had caps lock on, your form needs it in lowecase 🙂 I was doing some work that needed all caps and didnt turn it off before checking.

    I get 15+ emails a day from Kickstarter so I was pretty sure I got the right address!

  • I received my Omega Starter Kit today, hurray!

    Can't wait for the GPS, Battery and Camera Kit

    Thanks Onion Team!

  • @Boken-Lin Hello, i just wanted to ask if you have soldered the on and off pin where the switch broke? because my switch broke and i can't switch it on using a needle. Will this work for me?

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