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Remove unwanted web apps

  • Hello,
    my filesystem is full and I need to install some more python packages.
    Most of the apps that comes preinstalled under /www folder are useless for me but I cannot remove them. The response is filesystem is readonly.
    What can I do to reclaim some of the 12MBytes under /www?


  • Onion apps are recognized automaticaly by the server, you could remove Apps under /www/apps but be careful to Not delete the

    • onion-terminal
    • onion-settings
    • onion-login
    • onion-app-template
    • onion-launcher

    Other apps are actually removable but should not get a lot of place.

  • That's exactly what I' trying to do. To remove webcam, calculator, oled, etc.
    When trying rm -f * under the relevant folder, I got the error saying "cannot remove file. The filesystem is readonly". I am not a linux expert so I cannot figure out how to remove them.

  • The way OpenWRT works is, and please correct me if I am wrong, it uses a "base image" and then it overlays the user files on top of that image. So if the files in /www/apps are part of the base image deleting them could loose you more space since the overlay has to remember that these have been deleted.

    Looks like these files are part of the "base image" so they can't be removed.

    df -T /www/apps/onion-app-template/app.json

    Will tell you they are part of the squashfs (compressed disk image) mounted on /rom.

    So looks like, unless you want to compile your own onion image, you can't remove them.

  • administrators

    Yep @Samuel-Mathieson is correct.
    We will be working on reducing the space taken up by the base image in the near future!

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