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Device won't connect to Onion Cloud

  • It's summer time and I have finally pulled out the onion omegas I bought for projects to work on with my kids.

    I have attempted to connect the devices to the Onion Cloud, but it never reaches an online state.

    I have done the following:

    1. I have added the device in the cloud device manager.
    2. I generated a setup code.
    3. I entered the setup code in the cloud settings on the device.
    4. The device seems to setup correctly. The device id and secret on the setup device match those in the cloud device manager.
    5. I've waited a long time (30 mins) and the device is still showing up as offline in the cloud device explorer.

    I am running the most recent firmware, 0.1.2 (b327). This device is connected to a wireless network that allows all outgoing traffic. There are no outgoing network restrictions.

    I'm not sure how to diagnose this issue any further. Suggestions?


    • Kenneth

  • @Kenneth-Rawlings Here is one of those gotchas and not to insult your intelligence but if you refresh the page I have had it go from offline to online.

  • administrators

    @Kenneth-Rawlings Very strange!
    Can you try running opkg list | grep device-client and pasting the output?

  • @Kenneth-Rawlings Curious what solved this for you. I'm experiencing the exact same issue.

    What I've done:

    • refreshed page(s), both on Onion Omega and Cloud
    • Verified the device ID and Secret are the same on the device and cloud
    • Deleted and re-created the cloud association (again verified device ID and secret)
    • Noted that the Status page on the Omega shows offline, however, I'm able to connect to the internet and download package updates, etc

    @Lazar-Demin if it helps, Firmware is 0.1.4 (b336) and the output of your suggested command is "device-client - 0.6-1"


  • Well... not sure what happened there... removed and re-added the Onion Omega again and let it sit, and this time it came online!

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