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Kernel Driver Version Mismatch

  • @Venet said in Kernel Driver Version Mismatch:

    I opened a thread asking for a generic OpenWRT image in order to address this problem, however still waiting for a reply from the team

    Link to Venet 's Request

    @Venet, the team gave answer ... just not in your request ... i will ad the response of them in your request!

  • Onion Omega support folks.

    Please can we have instructions/information on how to produce a full onionio factory branded image.

    I have created a build environment and can make images for standard openwrt. what I am struggling on is building an image that is functionally the same as the factory image, except with the additional modules that I require for my project.

    Basically, this is my solution to the kmod modules not being the correct version for your supplied images.

    There are multiple requests I have found in the forums for this information, but so far, no answers. There is even a comment on your Omega2 kickstarter thread from a user saying he will back your new campaign once you provide this sort of information.

    If you feel this information is your proprietary code, then please add that information to the wiki article on creating the build environment.

  • Thanks @Luciano-S.

    Any thoughts on the question @Keith-Howell is asking?

    Is it in fact possible to build a standard OpenWRT image?

    I have backed Omega2 Plus as I think it is a big step up from the current Omega, however without having the ability to load standard OpenWRT modules it will be severely limited in functionality.

  • @Venet , same here .. as Onion.io said:

    After the campaign, we'll make it a priority to fix that nagging kernel version issue.

    They will give answer, just not jet in this moment. How long the campaign is on it shows on the Kick-starter Page.

  • @Luciano-S. You keep quoting the same line. Do you work for Onion? Why are you defending their lack of support?

    I fail to see why an issue with the current software requires us to wait for after the new campaign has finished.

    The fix is very simple. Give us the options used in the production build environment. Just a simple cut and paste. Doesn't need a huge amount of time.

    Support has been asked for this information and has not even bothered to answer. Stop promising vaporware.

  • @Keith-Howell Luciano from the start has been a fanboy and will get sarcastic and attack your questions with disdain, I just ignore him and try and avoid his comments.

  • @Guest said in Kernel Driver Version Mismatch:

    @Keith-Howell Luciano from the start has been a fanboy and will get sarcastic and attack your questions with disdain, I just ignore him and try and avoid his comments.

    This is what the majority inclusive me are doing with your comments ...

  • administrators

    @Keith-Howell We are a small team and the 'lack of support' is really a lack of hours in the day. The kernel mismatch error is annoying and the solution is not at all trivial, otherwise, the fix would have been delivered already. Part of the issue is that the OpenWRT repos that host the packages do not get recompiled to track the latest kernel versions, this is something that's out of our control.

    Given our history of always delivering on our promises, I would venture to say that we're as far away from vaporware as can be. Developing a new product and running a KickStarter campaign is a lot of work, so these past few months we've had to make some very tough decisions in terms of prioritizing what we spend our time on. Once the campaign is done, we will look into fixing this nagging issue.

    Also, let's please keep the conversations as civil as possible. No need to attack one another as that benefits no one.

  • The campaign is done.

    Would it be possible to share your linux .config with us now?
    Most of us can compile kernel modules, but they will require the same kernel version as we use in our build system. So if you could please provide us with the .config for the kernel, we could simply build the kernel and modules and install both, so that we no longer got version conflicts.

    This has been an active issue for at least 10 months now, so we really hope the situation will improve.

    That said, I think the onion team is doing a really good job with both HW and SW, so I hope they will resolve this issue soon.

  • @Flemming-Richter I 100% concur with this šŸ™‚

    To the Onion Omega guys:
    Please, please supply what we need to be able to easily built a proper Omega system image!

    This should include the capability to select for the original Omega or the Omega2/Omega2 plus since I'm pretty sure there will be some differences in the system images for each

  • @Flemming-Richter @Kit-Bishop I second this as well!

    I'm still waiting to use iptables kmods, so I can implement my networking project.

    Having the ability to use any OpenWRT module would provide an immense additional value to Omega and Omega2 (after November)

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