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OLED Not working on Plus

  • I received my Omega 2S+, finally got it updated and functioning, now the OLED does not function. I have tried 6 different OLED modules and none of them seem to work, but if I plug them back into an Omega 2+ they work fine. I tried the OLED app in the Legacy console, it also complains "Unable to communicate with selected device".

    My C app reports:

    onion-i2c:: write issue for register 0x80, errno is 6: No such device or address

    Did I miss something? I'm on the latest firmware Version: 0.3.1 b211

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    @crispyoz Are you using an Onion OLED Expansion

    or a third party OLED module?

    If you're using the Onion OLED Expansion, have you tried using the oled-exp command line utility?
    More info in oled-exp can be found here.

  • @crispyoz If you are you using a genuine Onion OLED Expansion then connect pin4 to pin3 on its Expansion Header
    and connect the GND, 3.3V, SDA, SCL pins to the GND, 3.3V, SDA, SCL pins of Omega2S+ respectively.

    OLED Expansion Header pinout (top view)
     GND | 1  2|
    3.3V | 3  4| VDD25 / Omega2(+) GPIO11 
         | 5  6|
         | 7  8|
         | 9 10|
         |11 12|
         |13 14|
         |15 16|
         |17 18|
         |19 20|
         |21 22| SCL  GPIO4 Omega2(+)
         |23 24| SDA  GPIO5 Omega2(+)
         |25 26| GND
         |27 28|
     GND |29 30| 3.3V

    Do not forget to remove the pin3-pin4 short circuit if you want to plug the Oled Expansion to any genuine Onion Omega Expansion Header directly because Omega2(+) may be damaged if you set GPIO11 to Low.

    See also:
    Connect oled expansion and omega 2+ only
    Using OLED expansion with other devices

  • Thanks everyone for the replies. I have been using the genuine Onion OLED. I found he issue, the connector seems to have an issue. If I jiggle it, it will start working, then stop working. I tested on 3 different OLEDs and I get the same behaviour so it's definitely my 2S+. I have more on order so hopefully I'll be ok once they arrive.

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