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Omega2 Dash wallmount

  • I'm curious if anyone have any experience with covers (preferable wall-mounted) for the Dash display?

    I'm looking for a small display that can show some live information from an API, and the Dash looks very interesting. The plan is to get a proof of concept with a wall-mounted screen showing our information, and then sell it B2B as an add-on to our software later. I don't plan to make money on the hardware, but wan't something small, flexible and nice looking.
    I don't have that much experience with hardware. I've looked a bit into 3D printing a cover but couldn't find that much information on how to get started.
    Could the Dash be a good choice? Also for commercial use later on? Does anyone have suggestions for how to get started with the wall-mount?

  • @iti I'm currently in alpha testing with Dash in a wall mounted casing. I designed the casing using Tinkercad because I cannot draw at all and Tinkercad is easy to use and I printed the case using my 3D Printer (Flashforge Guider IIs, PLA, 220degrees). Later I hired a freelancer to refine my design using solid works.

    For short runs 3d printing is fine, I did need to finish the casing using 2000 Grit sandpaper in order to get a fine finish on the edges of the the screen recess.

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    @crispyoz That's awesome! Would love to see photos of the final product.

    Btw, for anybody else interested in designing their own casings or enclosures, physical measurements of the Omega2 Dash can be found on GitHub: https://github.com/OnionIoT/Omega2-Dash/tree/master/Hardware/R1.0

    There's a PDF version with the basic measurements, and a DXF file that can be used to measure everything.

  • @Lazar-Demin I'll share the design, I just need to edit a few parts out first. Stay tuned!

  • Awesome, thanks for the replies! I'm looking forward to see the design @crispyoz

    Thanks @Lazar-Demin , I didn't knew the schematics was on github - that's cool.

    I am ordering a Dash right away!

  • I've posted the details of my wall mount in Projects.


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