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Omega 2+ firmware upgrade

  • I am currently using several 2+ devices as MPD servers. Some on power dock and some on expansion dock.
    Due to experience and familiarity I use Luci and Putty SSH to monitor /administer these devices.
    Devices are currently on Firmware Version: 0.2.2 b200
    Oupgrade recommends upgrade to Firmware Version: 0.3.2 b233
    Last time I upgraded ( admittedly some time ago) the device was left as a clean installation and I had to re-install and reconfigure the necessary components. Whilst this is not difficult, it is time consuming and a little annoying.
    Before I go ahead with the upgrade I would like to hear from other users about their experiences.

    Ques 1:
    Does oupgrade still do this and force me to reinstall and reconfigure components?

    Ques 2:
    Has anybody have any experience using Luci to upgrade firmware on the Omega2+?

  • @Michael-Lynch oupgrade i a script that ultimately runs the sysupgrade command. Sysupgrade does preserve configuration files and has the option -c to preserve the /etc directory. If you are running a custom firmware build you should test it on one of your devices. My own devices do not run oupgrade I prefer to upgrade my devices using my own firmware build which has been updated to pull in the latest updates from OpenWrt.

    Can't speak about Luci as I don't use it.

  • @crispyoz Thanks for your prompt reply. I do not use a custom build. I guess I will have to just try and see what happens.

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