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FAQ: My Omega2/2+/2S/2S+ won't boot! The serial console shows a logo and says there's 64 kB of DRAM

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    The Symptoms

    • When powered, the Omega2 device does not boot
      • The power LED doesn't light up
    • The serial console outputs this and only this:

    The Root Cause

    The 64 kB DRAM in the serial output is the key here. It indicates a hardware issue: the RAM is no longer connected to the MT76 SoC.
    The 64kB in the screenshot is a small cache of DRAM that's internal to the SoC.

    What can cause this issue

    This issue can be caused by a few things:

    • Factory defect - possible but very unlikely since every module is extensively tested during manufacturing
    • Damaged in transport - possible but not likely
    • Damaged during assembly - most common for surface mount modules

    Questions to ask to narrow down the issue:

    • Did the module ever work before?
      • If not, then it's likely a factory defect
      • If it did, then it was somehow damaged
    • For surface mount modules:
      • Was it hand-soldered to your circuit board or was a reflow oven used? If it was a reflow oven, was the reflow profile from the Omega2S datasheet followed?
        • If a hotter reflow profile was used, then it's possible the higher heat desoldered some contacts on the SoC or RAM chip
      • Was the middle ground pad on the bottom of the module soldered?
        • We recommend against soldering the middle ground pad. See the Omega2S datasheet for the recommended reflow profile.

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