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Any techies/writers here interested in writing a e-book for the Omega?

  • Wondering if any techies/writers here would be interested in co-authoring a e-book for the Onion Omega? If interested, please email me at stevefister@gmail.com.

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    @Steve-Fister that's awesome! let us know if you need anything from Onion šŸ˜„

  • @Lazar-Demin Absolutely! I'm sure that by the time we are in full-swing, the Onion Cloud will be available. I would like to possibly work with you guys too, even if it's just from a editorial perspective.

  • @Steve-Fister Interesting idea.
    At what level would it be aimed and with what level of detail?

    While I am far from being an expert on many aspects of the Omega, I have learnt quite a bit about it; have reasonable knowledge of the use of Linux systems; have quite extensive knowledge and experience in several areas of computing.

    I could potentially be interested in contributing some small bits but would need to know more of intentions and aims.

    I also think that anything produced be first submitted to the Omega people for vetting and approval - at least as a courtesy but also to catch any errors.

  • @Kit-Bishop I haven't actually figured the scope out yet. I'm thinking absolutely a "beginners" section. I would think that this would be useful for a range of audiences, and I personally like the "cookbook" style. We create "recipes" for specific applications, with varying degrees of complexity. In addition, there is the platform question - Windows/Linux/Mac. Do we include all three in the book, or just choose one?

    Although Onion.io doesn't need to be involved from an "approval" perspective, I most certainly would welcome their input and participation where they have the bandwidth. Of course, having Onion.io's blessing would be a good thing šŸ™‚

    I plan on over the next several weeks putting together an outline for the book. I can post it here when complete and get input from the users on this forum.

  • @Steve-Fister Thanks for the update. Look forward to hearing what you come up with.

    Regarding the Windows/Linux/Mac issues - I suspect that this is only relevant in relation to how one connects to/communicates with the Omega, so I think this should just be in one section with sub-sections for each OS. None of the rest is likely to be OS dependent - it is likely just to be about the Omega itself.

    The only stuff that may need to be OS dependent is if there is to be anything about cross-compiling or building code for the Omega that cannot be done on the Omega itself. For this, one pretty well needs to be on a Linux machine (or VM) - though something like this may be more advanced than you envisage.

    Anyway, let me know if I can be of any assistance.

  • @Kit-Bishop Great, thanks Kit!

  • Well I think there are 3 big sections when interacting with the onion:

    1. OpenWRT (and its differences comparared to a standard linux distribution)
    2. Peculiar Onion Stuff (the serial console, all its hardware and expansions - datasheets, libraries in the various languages to program them, usb and bluetooth programming, etc)
    3. Breadboard and electronic components knowledge

  • I would like to participate by reviewing what is written to make sure is easy enough to be understood by a newbie šŸ™‚

  • @SYLVAIN-MAILHIOT Sounds good! Message me your contact information and I'll put you on the list! Thanks!

  • Keep it pointing towards the new user as you originally intended making it easy read and encouraging hobbyist to follow. The knowledge base for repeating problems is here and if you can iron out the solutions that would be a great reference.

  • @Rudy-Trujillo Yes, that is the goal. I don't want to cloud it with too many advanced solutions where the user may not even be interested in that particular path.

  • I would like to offer any assistance with the book as well. Being a completely "newbie" to programming, I would certainly like to help make sure that all competency levels can read, understand and learn from it.

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