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Help getting into my Omega

  • Good day,

    The end of this question is how can I get back into my Omega 2+ that I upgraded?

    I have an Omega 2+ that I have not used for quite some time. To use it today, I referred to old notes I had from first starting to use it some years ago. I derived those notes, at the time, from my first time starting the Omega working from the original instructions.

    I could not reach it with a browser from my MacBook, so I used ssh and logged in successfully today.

    Since it had been a while since I used this, I did a firmware check, and performed the oupgrade.

    I cannot get back into the Omega with ssh or anything else. I cannot see it on my network. I cannot join its 192.x.x.x network. My home network is and has been 10.0.x.x.

    At this moment I am pretty well hosed.

    It there anyway I can get back into this Omega?

    By the way, the Omega is plugged into the MacBook via a USB cord. Also, the Omega is plugged into a larger board with the pin-outs, USB 2, and the power receptacle. The board has a power switch.

    So . . . help, please. How can I get back into this?

  • administrators

    @Zonque If you have the Expansion Dock, you can connect through USB serial. More notes here

    This doesn't rely on wifi to connect to the Omega and will give you a better idea of what's going on with your device

  • @Lazar-Demin
    Thank you very much. I'll give this a look. I appreciate your help.

  • @Zonque As Lazar alluded to, I suspect your firmware deployment probably blew away your configuration so you should approach the device as if it were a new device and follow the docs on how to access a new device.


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