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Onion omega brutal loss of power supply

  • Dear community,

    I'm currently developing an IOT application with an Omega Onion. The device will be powered by a wall socket (no battery) and will not have an on/off switch (this is necessary so users cannot shut down device).

    The device is intended to power up as soon as power is available and should shut down as soon as power is lost.

    My application should be stable enough if power is suddenly lost. However, I'm unsure about the onion and the OS itself. Is is safe to "power down" the device just be taking it off from power supply? If not, what is the proper way to handle the shut down if power is lost?



  • @MK My IOT devices that use Omega2S+ are 240v power and have no on off switch. I've never had a device corrupted due to power failure, I write data to an SD Card and none of those have ever been corrupted. We specifically tested this scenario during the design phase. Our custom software was designed with this scenario in mind so we don't maintain any open files with the app, but since the Omega2 files system is JFFS2 it is generally self healing.

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    +1 to @crispyoz 's answer

    My 2c: In general, it's safe to cut power to the Omega2 as a means of shutting it down. This is especially true if you're not constantly writing to the flash storage.

    If you are writing to the flash, try to use the sync command every once in a while to write data cached in memory to the flash storage.

  • @Lazar-Demin Thanks for this!

  • @crispyoz Thanks for this feedback for your experience.

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