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Flashing your onion omega via serial

  • Flashing your onion omega via serial

    Credits to @Zheng-Han and @Johannes-Zellner for the images and content!

    @Chris-McCaslin for making the nice wiki post

    Required Materials:

    • ( 8 ) 100Ω* resistors
    • ( 4 the image shows 5 though) 0.1µF* capacitors

    *Note: There is no exact requirement for the capacitors and resistors values, however capacitor shouldn't be too big. (for example: 0.1µF and 100Ω should work)

    The schematic

    Schematic by Zheng Han

    The Breadboard

    Image from johannes-zellner

    The process

    Here are the necessary steps after wiring the network connection:

    1. boot the good omega -- let's call it omega-good

    2. connect the bricked omega (omega-bricked) with an USB cable with a linux pc (expansion switch still off)

    3. connect to omega-bricked with screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200

    4. power on the switch of the expansion board of omega-bricked and immediately hit enter in the screen session to get into uboot on omega-bricked

    5. printenv in uboot on omega-bricked shows that the ethernet ip is configured to be

    6. configure the ethernet connection of omega-good to use the static ip, either by modifying /etc/config/network and restarting the network or by something like ifconfig eth0 up

    7. While in uboot in omega-bricked verify with ping that the network connection to omega-good works

    8. While in uboot in omega-bricked start httpd

    9. create an ssh tunnel from the linux pc to omega-bricked via omega-good with ssh -L 8080: omega-good (ssh connection to omega-good is via wifi)

    10. open http://localhost:8080/ in a browser on the linux pc. The ssh tunnel redirects this to the httpd of omega-bricked → you see the uboot httpd upgrade page in your browser and can proceed to upload a bin image.

  • administrators

    @Chris-McCaslin Thanks for submitting this to the wiki!
    I've made some edits and tried to make it pretty: https://wiki.onion.io/Tutorials/Reflash-the-Firmware-with-Improvised-Ethernet

  • @Lazar-Demin on step 11 can you Put the link in ` 's so it shows up Red

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    @Chris-McCaslin I bolded it, in the backticks it probably wouldn't become a hyperlink.

    Also, you're free to submit pull requests for existing articles 🙂

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