Thank you @crispyoz, I actually finally got it working this morning just the way I wanted. Here's a simple example based on what I did: printf "%s" "Connecting to WiFi" wifisetup add -ssid Network-SSID -encr wpa2 -password XXXXXXXX printf "%s" "Waiting for Internet" while ! ping -c 1 -n -w 1 &> /dev/null do printf "%c" "." done printf "\n%s\n" "Internet Connected" opkg update Seems to be running great. It waits indefinitely but I don't want it to proceed until Internet connection is there so I didn't figure there was any reason to have a retry count. I'm using an on board RGB LED to indicate when the script starts, when it connects to wifi and begins installing OPKG packages, and when it is complete. This will be used for configuring a group of Onion modules prior to installation in our product. AutoRun is fantastic!