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WPA2-AES not supported?

  • So I recently purchased an Omega2+ and the serial expansion dock. It's slick. I like it in principle...

    I connected it to a Linux box and followed the set up guide. To my surprise, after running the wifi setup, it didn't connect. After checking /etc/config/wireless and checking the auth settings for my switch, everything appeared fine, with the exception of a connection.

    I'm currently using WPA2-AES encryption and my wireless network mode is set to auto for N, G, B etc... and its using 802.11n. I'm not planning on making a switch to TKIP any time soon because it's no longer the mid 2000's and it's well after 2012 when the standard was deprecated.

    From what I understand the Omega2+ really struggles to connect with those perimeters.
    I should also note that the password for my switch (router) uses % and =
    From what I've read this could also be an issue...in 2017...hmmm

    So my question is: Is there a plan to fix these issues without users spending hours trouble shooting?

    To be clear, I have no issue messing around with this stuff. It's fun.
    But the out of the box experience leaves a lot to be desired.
    In order to have a tool to mess around with, you need a reliable way to connect to the net. That's the reason I bought the thing. I really didn't expect that connecting to the internet would be the first project...

    Anyways, I think you guys/gals are great. I'm even happier your a Canadian company.
    Thanks for doing what you're doing.

  • Crickets....

  • people have been asking the same question for months without a reply from omega team. it's kind obvious you have done little to no research via searching the forums. anyway, as to your questions there are no official answers yet. why are headquarters in boston if they are canadian?

  • @Douglas-Kryder With all do respect I think you're missing the point of my post. I've done the reading in the forums and felt it was necessary to point out the issue in full.

    The more voices the better don't you think?

    I was told that they were based in Markham Ontario Canada. It's possible that this was a mistake, or that they have a US base as well.

    Either way it's better to have these issues tied together so that people don't have to search and so that others, including the company can address the issues on a whole.

  • I agree, I had already typed my reply and then deleted the draft.
    Douglas, you just didn't carefully read what he wrote šŸ™‚
    I could see along the lines that he'd referred to the conclusions / breaking point of existing threads on this. Besides, the question was if there is any PLAN NOW to get things sorted, which is independent of any prior unanswered (and also different) threads.
    Plus, not continuing to ask is the one way that can't have an effect.

    I sense the guys have been quite busy considering they already got a 300+page book written, and I also can see on here that the Onion team is recovering or busy on something since 4weeks+.

    In any case, like he wrote, it's a deprecated standard. It should be resolved, and likely can, and likely will. Knowing if it someone has set aside some time for this in, say August, or during Winter time, would allow for a rough plan and mean people can decide what they can build based on the hardware, and what not.

  • The one AP that my O2+ would even find is my 15 years old Netgear WGT634U router, but of course it will not connect to it.

    There seems to be no plan for support, as far as I can see. Has any company representative even been online for the last 10 months?

  • @Johan-Adler yes, there was a representative here in the forum in july. as best i can tell the onion team has moved on to the next kickstarter project. an alarm clock made with a omega2.

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