Error when setting up Omega2 Pro [with solution]

  • I received my Omega2 Pro today and started setting it up this evening.

    During the initial setup, the web interface 'hung' during the firmware upgrade. I reloaded the browser and was able to login to the console.

    Running oupgrade -c, I found I needed to upgrade still.

    When I ran oupgrade, I got the error message:

    /usr/bin/oupgrade: local: line 378: not in a function

    I went looking in the Onion GitHub repos and found this patch at

    I made the one line change to the script and was able to run oupgrade.

    You'll also need to run the onion os update command to get the new apps once you've upgraded the firmware.

    I guess some of the boards didn't get the latest patches before they were shipped?


    Emma H.

  • I had the same problem, and can confirm that Emma's solution solved it for me.

    Thanks, Emma!

  • Pardon my ignorance, but where exactly is this file located on the Onion (ie:

    -- Yvan

  • @Yvan-Gagnon
    It's not, just oupgrade and it's in located in /usr/bin:

    root@Omega-FA93:~# which oupgrade

  • administrators

    To chime in: yes, there was a bug in the oupgrade program in the firmware that was installed during production. This has since been fixed and the fix is included in the latest firmware.

    So there's three ways you can upgrade your Omega2 Pro if you are on firmware v0.3.0 b207 or lower

    1. Use the browser-based setup wizard, the steps can be found here
    2. Follow our manual firmware installation guide, just note for step 1, you can find the latest Omega2 Pro firmware here
    3. Make the fix to oupgrade as mentioned above

    Once you've installed the latest firmware, oupgrade will work as intended :)

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