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Arduino Dock - avrdude: AVR device not responding

  • I have an Onion Omega2 running the latest firmware version. 0.3.2 (b233) which is connected to the Arduino Dock 2.

    I followed the Flashing the Arduino Dock tutorial.

    But when I try to run the Blinky sketch, I get the following error:

    I had a look at the Known Firmware Issues document. Is this the same problem caused by the Cannot flash Arduino Dock if arduino-dock-2 is installed when LEDE package repos are active issue?
    If it is the same issue, I would need to resolve it using Option 2: If already Installed. But one of the steps is: deactivate the LEDE package repos by commenting them out in. My question is how do I identify the LEDE packages that need to be commented out from the list of packages?

    I just made sure it was running the latest firmware and ran the package installation steps again:

    opkg update
    opkg install arduino-dock-2

  • @jonty That really is step one when you strike a problem. Install the latest firmware, otherwise you're troubleshooting issues that may already have been fixed.

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