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Update in Omega Lead times?

  • Does Onion have an updated lead time on the Omega2 devices? The latest advice I have seen is "April Timeframe", since it's now May it'd be helpful if we could get an update to assist with planning.

  • @crispyoz Same question here!

  • administrators

    The global chip crisis has made everything from component sourcing to production to stock forecasting incredibly difficult, but here is an update on the current situation:

    Distributors - Immediate Shipping

    Our distributors Mouser and Digikey continue to sell Omega2 devices in small and large quantities with immediate shipping.

    Omega2 (OM-O2) and Omega2+ (OM-O2P) - Through-hole

    Currently in stock and available at Mouser and Digikey.
    And more Omega2+ stock will become available in the coming days pending arrival of recent shipments.

    Omega2S (OM-O2S) and Omega2S+ (OM-O2SP) - Surface-mount

    Currently out of stock at Mouser and Digikey.

    Targeting late May/early June to resupply.

    How can I buy right now?

    To find direct links for Onion products on our distributors’ sites, see our How to Buy page: https://onion.io/buy

    Ordering Directly from Onion - Longer Lead Time

    Because of the current market conditions - component shortages and sharp price increases - we have:

    • Increased lead time to 16 weeks
    • Updated pricing

    For more information on ordering terms and how to get in touch, check out https://onion.io/volume-orders/


    If you have any questions, post in this thread and we'll do our best to answer

  • @Lazar-Demin

    Re the Omega 2S and 2S+ we've had our back orders pushed out twice at Digikey and now twice at Mouser. Latest Mouser estimate is early July.

    This is seriously holding up our production pilot runs. Can we please get an update on when you expect to deliver to Mouser and Digikey.

  • @SimonPR Digikey just pushed back my back order for some other components yet again, as well. If both Apple and Samsung have to push back on product releases due to chip shortages, you and I are way back in the queue.

    I have 40 Omega2S+ on my shelf but I can't launch a new product until I have a few hundred more, so I'm thinking I could put them up for auction 🙂

  • @crispyoz I'm buying those 40!

  • I am needing about 125 omega2S+ if anyone has any to move...

  • @Keith-Bowman-0 said in Update in Omega Lead times?:

    I am needing about 125 omega2S+ if anyone has any to move...

    We are ordering like a really big amount... hopefully this increases our priority in the line...

  • Now I am wondering about "component shortages and sharp price increases", @Lazar-Demin are you flagging that OM-O2SP prices will be increasing and if so by how much? I'm concerned about taking back orders while we wait for stock then finding the price has increased significantly.

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