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Technical Drawing Releases (double release: Arduino Dock and Relay Expansion!)

  • Hi everybody,

    I'm making 3D CAD and technical drawings of our Expansions and Docks every week, and I figured it would be easier to keep them in one thread for announcements and quick reference.

    New releases: Arduino Dock and Relay Expansion!

    Previous releases:

    Next week: Servo Expansion

    I know you guys have been asking for the electrical schematics, but we still have some issues and things we need to add to them before we can release them to the public. But I'm bugging the team to let me throw them in with my weekly updates, so stay tuned! šŸ˜„

    If you have any questions about the dimensions or drawings, let me know and I'll have them fixed ASAP.

  • @Gabriel-Ongpauco

    Ooo cool.. very nice to have some good quality reference material rather than my scribble notes and diagrams šŸ™‚

    Keep it up!

  • For many of us doing electrical interfacing with the GPIO and expansion dock, the particulars of the GPIO electrical specs are extremely important. I can't know how much sink/source current I can depend on (as well as output voltage under various loads) if I don't have the specs of the GPIO pins as well as the schematic of the expansion dock showing which GPIO pins are also co-opted for other functions. If I don't have operating curves for the GPIO pins over reasonable temperature, current, and temperature variations, I can't do worst-case design; this invites needless troubleshooting and testing, which costs me considerably in production and end-user environments - both VERY expensive use of talented individuals (sometimes, it's just ME)!

  • administrators

    We're putting all of this information together in an easily accessible format, we apologize for the delay, there's so many things to do and so little time in the day!

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm a bit delayed on the Arduino Dock due to internal projects so I'll aim to have the drawing out by Friday night. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  • It's been awhile, but I've added two new drawings, the Arduino Dock and the Relay Expansion! Next week will be the Servo Expansion.

    Arduino Dock
    Relay Expansion

  • @Gabriel-Ongpauco Thanks for these šŸ™‚

    One quick comment/question:

    • On the Arduino Dock drawing, it looks like the Power Jack is slightly angled in relation to the sides.
      Is the an actual design feature or is just intended to indicate that the positioning may not be precisely in line.
      • If it is an actual design feature, could the drawings actually have something that indicates how much it is angled
      • If it just allows for possible imprecise positioning, could the drawings include a note to that effect.


  • Hi @Kit-Bishop,

    The power jack is indeed angled on the Arduino Docks, although the pins are more or less straight; this is also the same case with the jack on the Servo Expansion. This seems to be part of the manufacturing process, but beyond that I can't say much (unfortunately I am not the hardware designer :()

    The angle is given by the 2.5 degree dimension on page 5, area D6, but from the samples I see it can vary about a degree or so. I will revise the Arduino Dock drawing with clearer dimensions and notes on this when I release the Servo Expansion later this week. Thanks for pointing this out!

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