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Feedback for Arduino Dock

  • I'm gonna tell the story of how I manage to fry my onion omega, I hope this help someone.
    I'm studying Computer engineering and i'm not familiar with Arduino but a lot of my friends are. When I saw the Kickstarter campaign for Onion I absolutely fell in love with it and saw there a opportunity to study python LUA Linux and some other things and also to study Arduino with my friends. But again I must say: I have no experience with Arduino.
    Yesterday there was a global event that many of you must have heard called Arduino/Genuino Day, and here in Tucuruí a city in the middle of the Amazon (Brazil) there was one of these official events. I was eager to show my friends the Onion Omega and how can you use it in conjunction with Arduino to send code through wifi. But then something horrible happened. I didn't wanted to plug the Arduino dock with the Onion on my mac so they could see that the code was not being written on the Arduino through serial so I asked one of my friends to lend me the power supply he was using on his Arduino UNO R3.
    Ok, at this point the ones reading here that are familiar with Arduino know where this is going... The Arduino Dock must be powered with 5V. And I did know that, because I read here: https://wiki.onion.io/Tutorials/Arduino-Dock/Using-the-Arduino-Dock the problem is that I didn't know the voltage for Arduino UNO R3 which is 7 ~ 12V. In this tutorial it's said that the Arduino Dock is a version of the Arduino UNO R3 so I assumed that the voltage would be the same.
    I was naive to think that and should have checked before plugging the power supply, but I just wanna say that it should be written somewhere that the Arduino Dock doesn't have the same voltage regulator circuit as Arduino UNO R3 so it doesn't happen again with another person. The funny part is that the Arduino Dock is still working when I plug it on a usb, even though I saw smoke coming out of it, but the Onion is wasted. Thank you for reading, please update the tutorial.

  • Sorry for the bad english :S

  • That suck's dude, Yeah I do think there should be maybe a different style of connector plug on the Arduino dock to prevent this accident from happening. Or add in a voltage regulator that the Arduino has for the Arduino dock.

  • administrators

    @Gabriel-Giordano sorry to hear that! The wiki article on using the Arduino Dock did mention only 5V DC power supplies should be used with the barrel jack adapter.

    However, I've updated the power section to be very explicit that only 5V adapters should be used.

    Does the Arduino Dock still work with another Omega?

  • @Lazar-Demin I don't own another onion, so I don't know. I'll try to put the normal bootloader on the Arduino Dock with an Arduino Uno to see with I can still use it as an Arduino for now

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