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AP Wifi Resets

  • Product being used:
    Omega2S+ in a custom hardware
    Firmware version: 0.3.2 b228

    Expected Behavior
    If I connect Omega to a router (Client-STA mode) and I connect to Omega via SSH (AP mode) the connection should be stable.

    Observed Behavior
    If the router password is wrong (Client-STA mode) I've notice that the AP WIFI resets and resets and resets so it is very complicated to run a SSH session. I have to quickly run wifisetup clear to remove the STA configuration. After this, the AP Wifi is stable again.

    Steps to reproduce the issue

    • Run wifisetup

    • Connect to any router. Use a wrong password.

    • Connect to the AP of Omega

    • SSH to Omega

    You will see that the SSH session ends after a few seconds and your MAC-PC looses the connection to the Omega Wifi.

    What's been attempted to resolve the issue
    What kind of help are you looking for?
    I think this is related to the "always scanning to connect to a wifi" feature of Omega. I'd like to fix this by disabling this (not sure if this is a fix or just a temporal solution)

  • @Lucas-Gozalvez Omega uses the Onion Warp Core custom wifi driver, originally developed to address issues in the standard MT driver. This driver ties AP and STA together, so if one goes down, both go down. If you install OpenWrt MT driver this is no longer the case so if your STA bounces the AP does not.

  • @crispyoz Amazing!

    One more question... how to setup the OpenWRT MT driver?

  • @Lucas-Gozalvez I have not set this up from scratch before, I build my own firmware based upon a standard OpenWrt 18.6 build, When you build your firmware you can select, among other things, your network module, using make menuconfig and/or kernel_makemenuconfig. Since loadable modules usually have kernel dependencies it is usually not as easy as just adding a module to an existing firmware build.

    @luz has more experience with this than I do so he may have some advice.

  • administrators

    @Lucas-Gozalvez first of all, thanks for using the how to ask for help template for your post!

    We've observed the same behaviour where the Omega's AP resets if the STA password is incorrect. @crispyoz is correct, it's because the Warp Core driver must tie the AP and STA interfaces together.

    The STA interface will connect to the target network but will then be booted off after some time because of the incorrect password. Once it's disconnected, the interface will reset and try again - this will cause the AP interface to reset as well since they're tied together. This loop will then continue.

    To get around this, you can try writing a small "watchdog" program that monitors if the connection to a network is successful after a certain amount of time, and resets the STA configuration if not. More info on checking network connection here.

    There are trade-offs between the warp core and the mt76 driver. This is one of the cases where mt76 has the upper hand.

    But we are working on improving the Omega's wifi. No definite timelines but stay tuned!

  • @Lazar-Demin Really thanks. Also @crispyoz (always helping!).

    I will try to wifisetup clear if the password is wrong in the watchdog program.

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