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Upgrade to OpenWRT 21.02 coming soon?

  • I see a 21.02 branch of openwrt on GitHub, https://github.com/OnionIoT/source/tree/openwrt-21.02-dev, is this planned for release in the near future? I went and upgraded some tool revs, like node, and now the 18.06 image isn't able to build as the node rev is too old.

    Is 21.02 usable? Stable? Planned for release soon?

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  • @Chris-Morgan Since OpenWrt hasn't specified any release date for 21.x, I'm not sure this is a reasonable request of Onion as their release would obviously follow that of OpenWrt.

    I can confirm that 21.02 RC3 does run on O2S+ but you need to manually configure the WiFi, same as 19.07. I've been running 21.x for 2 or 3 months on a POC custom board based on O2S+ and thus far no real issues. So far the only nagging concern is the WiFi connections seem to be a little slower than my 18.06 devices using Warp Core. Haven't had time to investigate in detail thus far so I may be wrong.

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    Wanted to weigh in here:

    That's right, we did some experimenting with and testing of OpenWRT 21.02 earlier this year. Hence the openwrt-21.02-dev branch on the OnionIoT/source repo.

    There's no plans to make an official release in the near term. As @crispyoz pointed out, there's no official release from OpenWRT yet - we'll see how they fare and adjust accordingly.

    That being said, there IS an experimental openwrt-21.02 image available for the Omega2+.
    The image can be found here: http://repo.onioniot.com/omega2/images/beta/

    It was built using the code in the OnionIoT/source repo openwrt-21.02 branch, following the instructions in the README in the onion directory

    We don't recommend using this image for any production environment, just for testing for now.

    What currently works

    • Wifi
      • Using the open source mt76 image
    • Ethernet
    • USB
    • SD Card
      • May need to install appropriate kmod-fs-* packages
    • I2C
      • Need to install kmod-i2c-mt7628 package
    • Python3
      • Can be installed from the OpenWRT package repo

    What does not work or is not included

    • All Onion packages
    • nodejs
      • Not included in the OpenWRT package repos, not yet being built by us

    Next Steps

    If you end up trying it out, let us know how it goes! We're interested in your feedback and to hear what should be done/added/changed next!

  • Hello Lazar,

    Any update after the post in July?

    The current image from Onion is running 18.06 which was EOL a year ago... 😞

    According to openwrt.org:
    This lists the currently support or not supported OpenWrt versions.

    Version --Current status -----Projected EoL
    21.02 Fully supported
    19.07 Security maintenance March 2022
    18.06 End of life ---------- December 2020
    17.01 End of life EoL
    15.05 End of life EoL

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  • I’m back working with the omega2s and I’d love to get the upgrade to the latest openwrt done as a part of that work. Is there any timeline on an official update to a newer openwrt?


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